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If you need concrete coatings in Pooler, GA – Look No Further Than Us!

Garage Floor Coatings in Pooler, GA

Don’t trust your garage floor coating in Pooler, GA, to just anyone. You need to put your flooring in the hands of professionals who know how to properly coat your floor using the best products available. When you think of garage floor coatings, you may think of epoxy floors. Well, we have something better in the world of concrete floor coatings !

Looking for the Best Garage Floor Coating Company in Pooler, GA?

Hire the best garage floor coating company by hiring Innovative Concrete Coatings to coat your garage floor. As you look to hire a company to install a coating on your floor, there are many different factors that you need to consider. You need to consider what type of coating material a company is using on your floor, as well as the benefits of various coating materials. Many people often wonder if epoxy is the right coating material, when in fact, polyurea, a material that we at Innovative Concrete Coatings use, is the best coating option for garage floors.

What Is The Best Garage Floor Coating For Your Pooler, GA Home?

You might have just been searching for “epoxy garage floor coating in Pooler”, well we have something that is more durable, longer lasting and higher quality! While epoxy is popular for coating garage floors, it is not the best product for coating your garage floor. Here at Innovative Concrete Coatings, we are proud to offer polyurea garage floor coatings. Polyurea has more benefits compared to epoxy, including its durability, color choices, lifespan, and its ability to withstand heat. Call us today to get an estimate to coat your garage floors using polyurea. A quick search for epoxy vs. polyurea will show you it’s the best option in concrete floor coatings. It’s never been easier to change the look of your concrete flooring.

You also need to consider how long it will take a professional to complete their job. We can coat your garage floors quickly. Finally, do your research and learn how current and past customers feel about the company. Read about the quality of their work and how past clients would rate their experience. At Innovate Concrete Coatings, we work hard to maintain our reputation and invite you to read the reviews that our satisfied customers have left for our company. Need a free estimate? Click Here.

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Get Your Pooler, Georgia, Garage Floors Coated in One Day

One of the most unique elements associated with installing polyurea garage floor coatings is that the coatings are more reliable and faster to apply when compared with other garage floor coating choices. This allows us to completely coat a traditional two-car garage in just one day. Being able to coat your garage floor quickly allows us to transform your garage floor or concrete flooring without taking a lot of time away from your busy life. Also, polyurea is two times more adhesive than epoxy, as well as being more flexible and stronger. So your new garage floor will be ready faster and hold up longer than other epoxy coatings. Text, Facebook Message or fill out a contact form for a free estimate.

Epoxy Vs. Polyurea

Both epoxy and polyurea are popular garage floor coating options. Epoxy is a type of polymer that contains a resin and a hardener. Epoxy is spread over the concrete creating a thin layer and basically sits on the top of it, much like a paint. Polyurea is a synthetic polymer and elastomer that has a rubber-like quality to it. Unlike epoxy, polyurea actually adds a thicker layer above your concrete floor that increases strength and durability. If you are torn between these two options, here are some key pieces of information you should know. If you have been looking to use epoxy on your Pooler garage floor, consider the following:

Durability – Both epoxy and polyurea are designed to withstand many elements in the garage, including tire pressure, stains from chemicals and oils, scratching, and general impacts. However, where polyurea has the edge on epoxy is when it comes to temperature changes, UV light exposure, and direct sunlight. All of these elements can make the epoxy start to yellow or become discolored, while polyurea maintains its original coloring.
Longevity – When you are coating your garage floor, it is important to consider the lifespan of the coating you are using. Epoxy has a lifespan of only about three to five years, while polyurea has a lifespan of at least 15 years. Polyurea is actually designed to last you a lifetime when properly cared for and maintained.
Cost – The cost to install epoxy coatings is typically cheaper than polyurea. However, as polyurea lasts at least three times as long as epoxy, the cost of polyurea actually ends up being cheaper in the long run.
Cure Time – It generally takes epoxy about a week to cure, while it only takes polyurea about a day to cure. This means you can be back in your garage faster if you select a polyurea coating over an epoxy one.
Customizable – The final difference between epoxy and polyurea is customization. You have more color and flake options when you select polyurea compared to epoxy. If you have a specific color, texture, or look in mind, you are more likely to be able to achieve the look with polyurea compared to epoxy.

Polyurea is more durable, has a longer lifespan, has a shorter cure time and has more customizable options when compared to epoxy. Polyurea is superior to epoxy, and this is why Innovative Concrete Coatings is proud to offer this product to our customers. All concrete floor coatings are not created equal. Nor are epoxy garage floor coatings the same. It’s a very important choice when it comes to concrete coating and what product is used. We are always happy to give a free estimate for your Pooler, GA concrete coatings! You will wonder why you waited so long coat your concrete flooring. Our Pooler concrete coatings are not just for a garage, we even coat pool decks.

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At Innovative Concrete Coatings, We Are Passionate about Garage Floors

When you hire us, we bring professional help to your garage. Not only are we professionals at coating your garage floors, we are actually passionate about it. The owner of our company, John Paul, is an avid classic car restorationist. In fact, many of the guys on our team are into old cars and restoring them. As these men have a passion for cars, they spend a lot of time in their garages. A garage may just be a garage to some people, but to people who spend time in their garages, a garage is so much more. A garage can be a place where you spend time completing your hobby or passion. A garage can be a place where fathers and sons bond over their love for cars, or can be a place where friendships are forged and nourished. A lot can happen in your garage, and our team knows this first hand. This is why we strive to offer you the best possible garage floor coating for your space, helping you to create the perfect setting to create memories and build relationships.

Why Choose Innovative Concrete Coatings for Your Pooler Garage Floor Coating Needs?

When it is time to hire a professional for garage floor coatings in Pooler, GA, we know that you have many companies that you can hire. At Innovative Concrete Coatings, we work hard to earn your business and ensure you are satisfied with the work we complete for you.

Top-Notch Customer Service

We are nothing without our customers. This is why we train our employees to offer top-notch customer service. Whether you are talking to one of our intake specialists or a coating professional, you know that you will receive nothing but friendly and courteous service from everyone on our team.

High-End Quality

We are proud to offer our customers polyurea, a high-end garage floor coating that carries far more benefits than epoxy coatings. We want to ensure you have the best coating possible on your floors, and we do that by only offering the best products for your garage floors.

Flexible Scheduling

We know that not everyone has the same schedule. This is why we offer flexible scheduling. We work hard to accommodate you and come at a time that is convenient for you. We are experts at performing a concrete coating.

The Highest Bang for Your Buck

We are pleased to use high-end materials that offer our customers a great bang for their buck. Our concrete coating systems come with a lifetime warranty, protecting you against any problems that may arise with the coating.

Check Out These Job Pics From Our Garage Floor Coatings In Pooler, GA

We can coat a garage floor in one day, your office or warehouse and even your pool deck!

Ready to Coat Your Garage Floor with Polyurea? Hire Innovative Concrete Coatings Today!

If you spend a lot of time in your garage, you want your garage floors to not only look their best, but to withstand the wear that you place on them. At Innovative Concrete Coatings, we can help make your floor durable, extend its lifespan, and help it to look its best. Call us today to schedule your garage floor coating appointment.

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