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Looking for the best industrial concrete floor coverings in Savannah, GA? You need something strong and durable that can last for years. Industrial floors get a lot of wear and tear. Those spills, scuffs, and scratches add up over time. Fortunately, you can keep your floors working well by protecting them as soon as possible. At Innovative Concrete Coatings, we specialize in Polyurea coatings. Polyurea makes the best choice for industrial floor coatings. In fact, it works even better than traditional epoxy floor coatings. Your Polyurea floor covering will help you get the most out of your industrial concrete floors.

Need the Best Industrial Floor Coatings Service in Savannah?

Innovative Concrete Coatings is the best source for floor coverings in Savannah, GA. We have an experienced and highly trained team. We use the latest technology and superior products to protect industrial floors for years to come. That’s why Savannah business owners choose us for their floor coating needs. Thanks to our installation expertise and durable floor coatings, we’ve gained hundreds of repeat clients in Savannah and beyond.

And of course, we’re also passionate about our work. We take pride in helping our clients. That’s why we’re here to help you create a safer, more usable work environment.

Savannah Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings in Just One Day

Concrete is a highly porous material. It absorbs virtually every spill. And that’s a big issue for industrial settings, which deal with a lot of messes. Some of those messes become impossible to clean. They often leave unsightly stains behind. Worse, the more messes your floor absorbs, the more unsafe that floor becomes. Depending on the nature of the spill, a concrete floor can hold onto some dangerous materials, especially in places like factories and warehouses. We are a National Concrete Coating Company.

And of course, Savannah’s warehouses don’t just deal with regular wear and tear. They also deal with Georgia’s heat and humidity. The ordinary epoxy coating doesn’t stand up to Georgia’s climate like Polyurea coating does. Thanks to all of these issues, cleanup becomes even more complicated with an uncoated concrete industrial floor.

Industrial floor coatings provide the answer to those problems. Our Polyurea coatings seal away the Savannah humidity, even in the middle of summer. And they also protect your industrial floors from spills, stains, cracks, and other sources of damage. Even better, Polyurea coatings handle these problems better than industrial epoxy floor coating.

Why Savannah Chooses Us for Industrial Floor Coatings

Stylish colors: Use a stock color or let us customize a color that meets your exact specifications.
Better floor longevity — Our Polyurea coatings can extend the lifespan of your industrial floors.
Save time with easy cleanup — When something spills or breaks on a concrete floor, cleanup can become complicated. It can also take a lot of time, which harms your productivity. With Polyurea floor coatings, you can clean messes quickly and easily. The process won’t create a major interruption to your workday.
Color options — You can choose from readily-available colors, clear coatings, or talk to us about color customization.
Increased warehouse safety — At Innovative Concrete Coatings, we offer textured flooring options for better traction across the warehouse floor. Textured floors can help you and your team avoid slips, falls, and injuries.
Strong and durable — We only use products that are designed to withstand extremes.
Minimal maintenance — Our products and methods call for almost no maintenance. Once your industrial floor coverings dry, you can simply get back to business without worrying about your floors.
15-year warranty — Because these industrial floor coatings are meant to last, Savannah business owners enjoy a 15-year warranty on our work.

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Industrial Floor Epoxy vs. Industrial Polyurea Coatings

When it comes to floor coatings, you might have heard some terms used interchangeably. For example, what is industrial epoxy floor coating? Is it the same as industrial Polyurea coatings? And if they’re not the same, what exactly is the difference?

These floor protection options look very similar. However, they do have some differences. And those differences matter, especially when it comes to industrial concrete floors. With everything that can damage an industrial floor, building owners need the strongest, most long-lasting floor protection. Polyurea coatings provide that protection. Here are just some of the differences between industrial epoxy floor coating and industrial Polyurea coatings.

  • Stronger material — Polyurea is more durable than epoxy, so it resists damage and discoloration more effectively.
  • Longevity and better warranties — Epoxy coating requires replacement every 3 to 5 years. Polyurea coatings, on the other hand, can last for 15 years or longer. As a result, you can get a better warranty on your industrial floor coverings.
  • Ready in 24 Hours — While epoxy can take up to 5 days to dry, Polyurea dries much faster. In fact, it’s ready to go in 24 hours. For warehouses and other industrial settings, this time is crucial for business. Instead of shutting business down for five days, you can have everything up and running again quickly.
  • Cost effectiveness — Because Polyurea coatings are stronger, last longer, and are ready to use in 24 hours, they’re more cost effective than traditional epoxy coatings. Over time, you’ll spend less money on your Polyurea coatings than you would spend on traditional epoxy coating.
  • Increased safety — Both Polyurea and epoxy floor coverings can make your warehouse a safer place to work. However, when it comes to industrial concrete floor coverings, Polyurea has the safer application process. Traditional epoxy requires etching prior to coating. During this process, technicians apply dangerous and corrosive acids to the floor. Polyurea coatings do not require etching. As a result, it provides more safety for the flooring professionals and those who use the warehouse.
  • Indoor and outdoor use — Polyurea coatings can stand up to UV rays better than epoxy coatings. As a result, it makes a better choice for outdoor use, too.
  • Customization options — With our industrial floor coverings, Savannah property owners enjoy customization options. Again, you can choose from different colors and textures. Epoxy coatings don’t provide this level of customization. Polyurea floor coatings give you more flexibility and choice.

Pioneers in Concrete Floor Coatings

Many epoxy company owners don’t have real floor coating expertise. Some will buy a franchise, attend a few days of training, and start coating floors right away. They only know the basics before they go to work on your floors. At Innovative Concrete Coatings, we work differently. Our business is not a franchise or a side project. Our founder, John Paul, is a leader in the concrete coating world. For John and his team members, “good enough” doesn’t work. We are only interested in “the best” for our customers. We care about our clients and put careful effort into each project. Our team has years of expertise and experience.

Contact the Industrial Floor Coatings Experts in Savannah, GA

Business owners and property owners do a lot to protect their investments. Now, you can give your floors as much protection as the rest of your building. Innovative Concrete Coatings is the best industrial floor coatings provider in Savannah, GA. Because we use the latest methods and technology, you can rest assured that you’re getting the protection that your investment deserves.

The Best Industrial Floor Coating Option!

Who Needs Industrial Floor Coatings?

We are often asked what some of the benefits are to a industrial business or large commercial building in getting their concrete floors coated with polyurea. We can tell you from past experience that coating your concrete floors makes them much safer for workers and the general public and may reduce your industrial insurance coast. At the very least, you will make your OSHA Inspector very happy. Find out more how we can transform your commercial or industrial floors with our Penntek Coatings.

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