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Concrete Coating Services

Concrete Floor Coating Services

We are a full-service concrete floor coating contractor specializing in durable polyurea coatings. We serve residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Bluffton, SC, area. Our custom solutions are tailored to your home’s unique needs, and we pride ourselves on providing superior customer service before, during and after installation. Rely on us to install same-day garage floor coatings and a host of other polyurea applications.

Garage Floor Coating

A garage floor endures a lot of wear and tear. From oil leaks to dropped tools to chemical spills, your floor suffers the brunt of your automotive and DIY projects. Protect it with a durable coating that stands up to the toughest applications and gives your garage the custom look you desire.

Applied in just one day, our garage floor coatings are available in customizable color and finish options. You’ll enjoy the added beauty, safety and functionality our polyurea concrete coatings bring to your Bluffton home. Rest assured your investment is safe, thanks to our exclusive 15-year warranty.

Driveway Coatings

Your driveway is the first thing people notice about your house. If the concrete is cracked or looks dingy, your Bluffton home’s curb appeal will suffer. Applying a polyurea coating gives it a uniform look and repairs cracks, holes and other imperfections.

Thanks to the coating’s fast curing time, you won’t be inconvenienced for more than a day. You’ll be able to park in your driveway within 24 hours of application. Your driveway will look new again and stand up to heavy daily use. It’s the superior method to protect your driveway and keep it looking great for years to come.

Concrete Coatings

There can be a lot of concrete in and around your home. From patios, steps, porches, and walkways to pool decks, garage floors, workshops and she-sheds….those concrete surfaces take a lot of abuse. From exposure to the elements to home improvement endeavors to daily wear and tear, your concrete won’t always look fresh and clean. Our polyurea coating ensures your concrete surfaces stand the test of time and have a customized, finished appearance.

Our coatings are excellent for interior surfaces as well. Upgrade your basement floor without a huge price tag or give your slab-built home a unique, durable flooring that withstands water, kids and pets. With a wide range of color and finish options, the customization possibilities are limitless.

Patio Coatings

Life in Bluffton means spending lots of time outdoors, enjoying warm weather and sunshine. That means you want your outdoor living areas to feel comfortable and look inviting. Upgrading your concrete patio with a polyurea coating is the perfect way to create a welcoming environment.

A variety of stylish colors and textures will allow you to customize the look of your patio, and the non-skid surface improves safety and functionality. Our coatings will improve the appearance of old patios without replacing the concrete. It’s an immediate improvement that can be completed in a day. A patio coating also protects the concrete from the sun, wind and rain, keeping your home looking beautiful now and into the future.

Walkway and Sidewalk Coatings

Concrete sidewalks are notorious for cracking and splitting. Temperature changes and settling make these surfaces look damaged, detracting from your home’s refinement. A sidewalk coating can improve the look and function of the concrete surfaces that surround your home. Durable, slip-resistant and stylish, our concrete coating is the ideal option to improve the safety of your outdoor spaces.

Highly durable and UV-resistant, polyurea concrete coatings last longer than epoxy. Backed by a 15-year warranty, our coating system retains its like-new appearance for decades. Rest assured your sidewalks will stand up to the worst Mother Nature has to offer!

Pool Deck Coatings

Many Bluffton homeowners enjoy the leisure and recreation of an inground pool. But a basic concrete pool deck can detract from the luxurious look that a pool offers. What’s more, concrete pool surrounds get slippery when wet, causing a fall hazard. Our pool deck coating system enhances the appearance of your backyard while offering a non-slip surface that reduces falls.

Polyurea concrete coating can withstand extreme temperatures as well as pool chemicals. It’s low maintenance, so coating your concrete pool deck with polyurea won’t add to your to-do list. The chemical- and UV-resistant coating holds up to heavy foot traffic and can be easily customized to beautify your outdoor space.

Commercial Floor Coatings

Commercial spaces need to be safe and functional to protect employees and customers. That’s what makes our concrete floor coatings the perfect solution for restaurants, salons, fitness centers, showrooms, and many other types of businesses. Durable, stylish and non-skid, polyurea floor coatings offer a range of tangible benefits to Bluffton business owners.

Resistant to chemicals and abrasions, our coatings are durable. Available in a range of styles, including metallic and quartz finishes, our custom floor coatings allow you to enhance your business’s aesthetic features. And, our fast-curing system means you won’t have to close for days while the product dries. You’ll be back in business within 24 hours of application.

Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial settings need a tough, durable product that can withstand abuse and heavy usage. Our concrete floor coating system is the answer. Chemical-resistant and able to stand up to impacts and abrasions, our product is perfect for factory floors, food processing plants, machine shops, warehouses, and more. The customizable, non-slip surface prevents slip-and-fall accidents.

A fast installation process makes polyurea concrete coatings the ideal solution for industries that need to stay running. The curing period is around 24 hours, meaning you can be back in operation quickly. It’s low maintenance and backed by a 15-year warranty, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your concrete floor coating won’t need to be replaced for decades.

Make Your Concrete Durable AND Beautiful

Our team at Innovative Concrete Coatings has the expertise required to transform your concrete surfaces. We have more experience with polyurea than any other contractor in the Lowcountry. Trust us to recommend a solution that works for your home or business. We are proud to offer a 15-year warranty on everything we install. Give us a call today to discuss your concrete coating project.

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