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Is Your Driveway Safe From The Elements? Coat Your Driveway To Make Sure

Contrary to popular belief, concrete does last forever; it needs a little love! You want to coat your concrete driveway and garage floor before it sustains any major damage. Doing so will help prevent cracks in the new coating that degrade the coat and will help you extend the life of the concrete.

Driveway Coating is quick way to protect your current driveway. Your coating choices also depend on the location of the concrete. While maintaining your exterior concrete driveway and sidewalks, remember to coat your garage floor. It’s important to understand that exterior concrete requires stronger coats than covered concrete, like your garage floor.

For concrete driveways, epoxy sealants are well known. This type of coating is common because it offers a durable, and simple to install sealer. For decades, epoxy was the top sealer for garage floors. Epoxy requires many coats to develop proper protection for your concrete. For a durable coat, you want two to three layers of epoxy.

Same Day Installation of Garage Floor Sealant in Savannah with Polyurea

Polyurea has been around almost as long as epoxy, but only in the last decade has it become a popular choice for garage floor sealing. However, it offers many benefits beyond epoxy sealants. It is much faster in drying and curing, produces low VOCs, lasts longer, and resists water better. It’s easier to clean, safer to walk on, more attractive, and easier to clean.

Faster Installation – Unlike epoxy, dries rapidly. After 4-8 hours, it’s safe to walk on it. After just 24 hours, the sealant has cured enough to drive over. Further, it has a temperature tolerance of 20-140 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you can install this sealant year-round in Georgia.

Safer Environment – Unlike some epoxy sealants, polyurea is a low VOC product. VOCs are volatile organic compounds; these chemical gasses contribute to many adverse health effects, making this sealant the best choice for indoor use. The textured surface also offers more traction, preventing slips and falls.

Excellent Durability – UV, chemical, and abrasion resistant, polyurea floors are durable enough to be the surface of choice for bustling auto shops and commercial kitchens. Polyurea is also a flexible product, meaning it will shift rather than break when your floor responds to pressure or temperature changes.

Water Resistant – Polyurea exceeds epoxy’s capacity for waterproofing. The sealant creates a tight bond with the ground below and prevents moisture and water from moving past it. Georgia’s vigorous showers and lingering humidity are no match for polyurea sealant.

Low Maintenance – Epoxy can weather some spills but requires immediate cleaning and regular washing to keep it in good shape. Polyurea can weather spills without damage even if you don’t stop in the middle of your project to clean it up.

Attractive and Cleanable – Polyurea can include flakes and tints, and the surface is glossy, so you can customize the appearance of your garage to suit your tastes. It’s also simple to clean and maintain, requiring nothing more complex than an occasional mop to keep it looking good for years to come.

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